The only city in '48 Palestine to survive ethnic cleansing, Nazareth is home to 1.6 million Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship. Jonathan Cook, our tour guide and a well-established journalist in the city, explained that Nazareth escaped total ethnic cleansing by "mistake." Israel tasked an army commander named Ben Dunkelman with the responsibility of ridding Nazareth … Continue reading Nazareth


Palestinian Eyes

-A poem I wrote during my time in Palestine this summer. My ears are weary. They climb the wall of redundancy. But, Recycled sadness and Reused anger Stack unforgivingly Ahead of these ears that can never see.   My Mouth is dry. It only ever breathes To ask for resolve; But how can this mouth … Continue reading Palestinian Eyes

Will ‘School Choice’ Limit Minority Choice?

Donald Trump’s attempt to address the needs of minority students is rooted in a plan that encourages segregated schools and backed by his education secretary pick, Betsy DeVos—a white, wealthy lobbyist with no education experience. The president-elect proposed to reallocate 20 billion federal dollars to states favoring private and charter school structures so that these … Continue reading Will ‘School Choice’ Limit Minority Choice?